I am on a mission to awaken the Nigerian spirit of ingenuity, develop industries and infrastructure, create meaningful jobs, bring hope once again and ensure a Nigeria we all can be proud of. The Nigerian situation is a horrible nightmare which must end, NOW! The power to force that change is in the unity of all of us and a refusal to compromise on anything but the best. I AM READY TO SERVE.

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If we stand together Nigeria will be the best place to live in the world. This is very possible.

Education in NigeriaSomehow overtime we formed a dependency on Politics and Governance for development. This is a very flawed approach that has failed us for 58years. I know a much faster way to excellent development. The reformation of the standard of living in Nigeria is only possible when we can leave behind, politics and cronyism and face the problems head on and together. I have created 3 platforms for doing this.

These are not political programs, they are not mere promises, they are real solutions that will work to redevelop this country rapidly.

A Nation Beyond Class

In developing OUR LIVES, we do not aim to match anyone, we aim to set new standards in line with the needs of our people. I call this Building Beyond Class(ification), we aim to set a new ideal for human living, beyond light 24/7 comprehensive energy solutions including gas lines, beyond schools - new approaches to education, in health - advanced medical research, in transport efficient innovative solutions. In making our lives better let us go further. NO COMPROMISE on nothing but the best.

Development Ideas


Life Changes in a day

Join me for dinner at the Banquet for Change and let me prove how we can start changing our lives today.

Upcoming Events

Ind. Celebration


Indoor Arena

Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium

Ogui Road, Enugu


Agric. Summit


Indoor Arena

Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium

Ogui Road, Enugu


Education Summit

February. 16th. 2019


Polo Park Mall

GRA, Enugu


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