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Before King Ifeanyi Oruruo was inspired to lead the NO COMPROMISE campaign, he had an inspiration on the Campus of the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus. He saw the suffering of students in accessing everyday things and knew that his experience in building shareholder organizations can be useful to the students in remodelling their lives together. The solution was the Agents of Change.

This platform is designed to give groups of Nigerian, who have a common interest the resources, ideas, human and financial support to build a better life right away.


King Ifeanyi Oruruo

The purpose of the AOC is to bring together subsections of the Nigerian society who have a common interest and to align them in the interest of one another. The AOC creates an umbrella under which they can begin to fight for mutual interests, not from a political angle but from direct action in the lives of themselves as an individual, their fellow AOC member, their shared community and Nigeria as a nation.


AOC members invest time, money, ideas and connections in ensuring the success of their community. We draft plans together as to which aspects of our environment are most in need of repair then we muscle all of our resources in a combined effort to ensure that we eliminate the problem, permanently.

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His Marketing and Advertising company SAMPP, Inc was a very successful medium scale corporation with inter-corporating partners across the United States including Signazon, CBS Outdoor, Google, 4over, P.S Print and WS Display among others.

In 2011 and in the height of business success he had a vision to come back home and make sure that the next generation of Nigerians meet a better world.

In Nigeria he has many business interests and has held notable positions, as the CEO of Logbaby, Managing Director of Wesley Specialist Hospital and is the Founder/Chairman/CEO of LIVEN Capital a vehicle for the social and economic development of Nigeria.

Today he is on a mission to change what it means to live in Nigeria, with active efforts in all aspects of Nigerian life and with the help of an ever growing movement much change is coming to our beloved nation.


He enjoys playing Lawn and Table Tennis, Basketball, Soccer and Billards. He is an avid reader and loves the company of talkative persons but not as much as listeners. He loves to teach, to preach and to reach out to people in their time of need. He also loves music and sings.

Life Changes in a day

This movement empowers you NOW to change your social and economic condition. We start changing our lives today.

Banquet for Change

Enugu, Nigeria

June. 30. 2018

KOBB Civic Center

Polo Park Mall

G.R.A Enugu

ADMISSION from ₦5,000

Port Harcourt

July. 28. 2018


98 Stadium Road

Port Harcourt, Rivers State

ADMISSION from ₦7,000

Oakland, CA, USA

September. 1. 2018

Oakland Convention Center

550 10th Street

Oakland, California, USA

ADMISSION from $50

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