Creating a better World by Creating a Better You!

Below are the activities and benefits of the AOC.

Agents of Change work actively to ensure a better standard of living for themselves and their communities, you do this through a 7 point agenda.


1. Community Service

2. Coordinated Development of Ecosystem

3. Coordinated Development of Members Lives

4. Allegiance to NO COMPROMISE

5. Deference from Political Partisanship

6. Integrity (Both Character and Transactional)

7. Personal Commitment to Excellence

There are incredible benefits to being a member of the AOC and signing up is free. We built the AOC to ensure that the future of Nigeria is secure in the hands of youth that are ready for life.


1. Priority access to employment & contracting with LIVEN Capital and its subsidiaries.

2. Support from the family for positive, personal development.

3. Insurance of a better tomorrow for you and all future generations of Nigerians.

4. Recognition as an agent of change with access to all benefits and opportunities inherent within the NO COMPROMISE campaign

5. Learn the secrets of excellence in life, career and entrepreneurship.

6. Dramatically improved standard of living.

7. Maximized self-development

Special Opportunities.

The NO COMPROMISE 2019 Campaign supports the AOC with Scholarship and Grants.

3 Grants of N250,000 each will be given to the best members in each chapter.

Academic Scholarship N250,000

Business Grant N250,000

Excellence Award N250,000

Each is given to students who show exceptional performance in Business, Academics or Extra-Curricular Activities, in or outside of school.

We also award Grants of N50,000 to N100,000 to 7 of the best students in other areas, under the LEAGUE OF EXTRA-ORDINARY GENTLEMEN Program.

We host activities on a chapter by chapter level but also cordinate with the National movement for bigger projects.



The AOC is not for LAGGARDS or DULLARDS, its for Men and Women who want to LIVE fully - NO COMPROMISE.


Life Changes in a day

This movement empowers you NOW to change your social and economic condition. We start changing our lives today.

Banquet for Change

Enugu, Nigeria

June. 30. 2018

KOBB Civic Center

Polo Park Mall

G.R.A Enugu

ADMISSION from ₦5,000

Port Harcourt

July. 28. 2018


98 Stadium Road

Port Harcourt, Rivers State

ADMISSION from ₦7,000

Oakland, CA, USA

September. 1. 2018

Oakland Convention Center

550 10th Street

Oakland, California, USA

ADMISSION from $50

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