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There are 3 versions of the manifesto, here is The Public Manifesto, which is a summary of our ideas, you can Download Now and it will allow you to understand our directions from a general perspective. A Private Manifesto exists also which is a deeper, more comprehensive view of all we wish to do in detail. It is kept confidential and need to know because GOOD has enemies. There are also segment manifestos for all individual 12 areas of development, these are shared with the people responsible for managing success in these areas.


King Ifeanyi Oruruo Sun. June 10th 2018

One of the lessons I have observed in Nigeria is that it is all man for himself. This lesson I have refused to learn. I have also been taught that this country is hopeless and one should comfort himself with homes and cars and not worry so much about much, since there isn't much anyone can do about much of the problems that plague us. I have also failed to learn this lesson.

See, to accept that my life is a singular journey absent of a need to protect the society I live in means accepting to be a bad father, a cruel husband and no one's friend. Singular ambition, absent of societal progress is human regression to a level of animal behaviour which dogs will be baffled at.

Were Baboons allowed a pen and a pad, they would chronicle our lives as a waste of a pen and a pad, abuse of brain power, fallen Gods, lost sheep, if at all their analysis would allow them to honestly make such a mistake as to judge us so highly.

The absence of morality, community, love and camaraderie in any society is the death of humanity. As we as Nigerians prepare, talk, yell, write and cry about 2019. How many of us are thinking about anyone other than ourselves.

We must think love, active love that will engineer the strength that we need to move this country forward into a society that is built for human beings. On this very blessed dirt we call home, may we start again to bury greatness, may we start again to plant destiny, may we start to wake to day dreams of a life of passion, may we live. May we live, may we live and stop this nonsense.

This running that you are doing alone, the price is not there, carry me along, the price is in us. The future is us, the change is us, the joy is us.

I refuse to learn any lessons that push me to live for me. I was not born of me, nor to me, nor for me, I did not pray for me, nor about me, nor to me.

I was born of my mother, to my father, for my brothers, a prayer of my ancestors, about their world, to their God. I live for their God, in service of their dreams, in alliance with my brothers, in honour of my father, in appreciation of my mother, to create a world in which our children will be able to become for us also, all that men where meant to be.

Banquet for Change - May. 3rd. 2014. Oakland, California, USA

This is not a game, this is our lives. And we are not living. Wake up, time to get to work. Our lives are not our lives, they are in honour of others, our honour comes from how well we protect the world given to us by our fathers and how worthy we are of the children given to us by God, judged only by how good a world we hand over to them.

Nigeria will be the greatest nation on earth in this lifetime. People will live here and they will be their brothers keeper, a justification of breathe, worthy of awe from all the beasts of the earth even those of the human order.

We will not get there with magic. 1st things 1st, unlearn all the bullshit. There is no difference between Igbo and any other tribe, Christians are no better than any other religion, God is not on your side, he sides with all of us.

For as long as we maintain hopelessness, selfishness and myopia we will continue to continue to live in this cesspit, all of us are eating this shit. All of us.

When you look at your life today learn this, "it does not matter how long you walk around in a circle, you will never go anywhere new". Tribe, Religion and Politics, we have tried it for years, if you like the life it has created keep trying. If you don't, I offer you the alternative. Let us in love, open to diversity, accepting all, come together, work together and build together. Maybe together will be different, in fact I am sure it will, that is why I have refused to learn all the wrong things that our nation is teaching us.

Are we its prisoners or is this our land. Let us take back this land and make it a parcel upon which our dreams can grow and we can each manifest destiny in service of each other.

And now that we are working together, let's set a rule.

NO COMPROMISE on nothing but the best for us. All of us.

King Ifeanyi Oruruo



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A Nigeria that works is possible, if we have leadership that is reliable, visionary and honorable, that leadership also needs followers, who will over it the base of support and bring the power and resources to challenge the status quo.

Today I offer myself ready and able to lead, I know need you to come along, so that we can build a Nigeria that works! Together!

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