Agents of Change

If you are tired of managing then the Agents of Change is for you. This plaform was created to ensure that we can come together and make immediate change in our individual lives and the greater society. We build together, learn together, work together and together we ensure that all of us are never mediocre. We also do not allow our society, especially our immediate community to be anything but the best it can be. We are not laggards, we do no complain, we do not care for politics, we effect change ourselves, with the support of the LIVEN Capital organization and under the national leadership of King Ifeanyi Oruruo.

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Get things done

Regardless of the state of this nation.

We engage in community service, compete for excellence, program ourselves and others for success and we never compromise.

Together we have career programs, scholarship programs, businesses and other cordinated developments that make our lives better.

We DO NOT engage in politics, but are comfortable with activism in the protection of our interests and members lives.


Joining Us

Joining the AOC is simple but the selection process is seeking the best.

Members of the AOC get preference in Jobs, Contracting, Scholarship, Mentorship and other supports given by King Ifeanyi Oruruo and the LIVEN Capital organization.

As such we seek to empower the excellent ones in our society. If you believe you are excellent or aspire to excellence then apply.

Application is FREE!

Join the movement

Life Changes in a day

This movement empowers you NOW to change your social and economic condition. We start changing our lives today.

Banquet for Change

Enugu, Nigeria

June. 30. 2018

KOBB Civic Center

Polo Park Mall

G.R.A Enugu

ADMISSION from ₦5,000

Port Harcourt

July. 28. 2018


98 Stadium Road

Port Harcourt, Rivers State

ADMISSION from ₦7,000

Oakland, CA, USA

September. 1. 2018

Oakland Convention Center

550 10th Street

Oakland, California, USA

ADMISSION from $50

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