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The Banquet for Change is a platform I created in 2014 as a gathering point for anyone who wishes to join me in the fight for a better future. It is a meeting point for Idea, Resources, Manpower and Capital. It is a wonderful festival, celebrating ourselves and bonding for the work ahead.

This year's banquet will be held at different intervals in 7 cities across the world, currently including Enugu, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Oakland, Houston, New York and Lagos, in that order.


Food and Agriculture in NigeriaThe Banquet is held over a roundtable dinner. It is wonderful feast with a 7 course dinner menu exhibiting the finest in Nigerian Cuisine with an elaborate chef prepared menu.



Home and Office Developments

Throughout the night we will thrill ourselves with cultured and refined exhibitions of our traditions and cultural entertainment. Our native entertainment is elevated to its most appealing points. Everything from Art, Music, Theatre and Dance is integrated to give you a wonderful night.



Health Care in Nigeria

The banquet also gives us an opportunity to meet like minded Nigerians and build the geniune business relationships that our initiatives desperately need. Here we present employment and contracting opportunities and reach out to ensure the right people for the job.



Education in Nigeria

This also creates the best platform to learn about our investments and see if you can find your fit. Beyond investments we also have communal development programs and other associated activites that you can learn about here and if interest join in.



Transportation in Nigeria

This event is a platform to really vet my commitment and visions for the future development of Nigeria. Come and join me and let us spend a Night together, I will share with you openly my visions and current developments that will ensure NO COMPROMISE on nothing but the best for your country.



Banquet for Change

Enugu, Nigeria

June. 30. 2018

KOBB Civic Center

Polo Park Mall

G.R.A Enugu

ADMISSION from ₦5,000

Port Harcourt

July. 28. 2018


98 Stadium Road

Port Harcourt, Rivers State

ADMISSION from ₦7,000

Oakland, CA, USA

September. 1. 2018

Oakland Convention Center

550 10th Street

Oakland, California, USA

ADMISSION from $50

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