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Developing Nigeria needs commitment.

We need citizens who will contribute Ideas, Finance, Resources and other supports, even the manpower that works for our organizations and even business people who wish to align their developments to our development agenda.

In doing this all of us should be truly committed to a better nation. The Nigerian condition is socially and economically unsuitable and this is what we target, politics aside, Food, Shelter, Water etc., that is what this development agenda is concerned with.


Financial Support.

We have partnered with LIVEN Capital to make it easy for you to invest in developing Nigeria, your support will not be a donation but will be re-paid with interest. SIGN-UP


Wonderful Ideas.

If you have intellectual property in the areas of our agenda which you wish to share with us we welcome it. Nigeria needs the best ideas to grow right. SIGN-UP


Committed Employment.

If you are willing to work with true committment to a better Nigeria. If you will work with integrity and a committment to excellence, please sign-up here. SIGN-UP


Resources Support.

Our projects need access to information, land, licenses and other resources, if you have access to any of these please support us in ernest with integrity. SIGN-UP


Co-ordinated Business Development.

We are fully willing to work with businesses and their owners to align interests and develop together and support each other so that Nigeria can move forward. SIGN-UP

Investment >>> Employment >>> Development Ideas >>>

Business Alignment >>> Resources Support >>>


Life Changes in a day

This movement empowers you NOW to change your social and economic condition. We start changing our lives today.

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