May 1, 2018

State of the Mission (2020)!

This is my unbiased analysis of the year, made every December of the preceeding year to give our supporters and otherstanding of the issues of the past year and their implications for our progress in the years we are stepping into.


I forsee a Nigeria that is #1 in the world in the balance between Social Standards of Living and Economic Properity.

In the next 45 years, I believe that we can leave our children with a country that is like no other in the world. A country which leads the world in all important areas of life.

This is not wishful thinking, it is a plausable reality that I will ensure with your support.

We do not need Aso Villa to build a rock solid nation, our over dependence on Government must stop. Yes it is true that some of the foundations of the problems of Nigeria are in the lack of true leadership but if we are honest it is also in the lack of adequate participation by the people.

We need to come together and have a collective vision for Nigeria that allows anyone who works hard to live a resonable life, and we do not need the Presidency to do that.

We need to take ownership of our collective destiny and colaborate to built a society that works for all integral members of this nation.

We must encourage good to stall evil, only reward can forstall corruption. Greatness must be appreciated and the way to earn our hearts, votes, support and collaboration must be based on Integrity, Merit and Achievement and not on tribe, race or wealth.

We must change for this nation to change.

The Average Nigerian lives a life that would not be tolerated for a Dog in America, we live a life that is worse than the conditions of our ancestors.

This is simply unacceptable, and the life of the average Nigeria, should be our concern, because a nation is like a Football team, it needs all its players.

My vision is for inclusive development of Nigeria, that allow people to rise on talent, skill, merit, integrity and vision to any height without nation imposed limitations.

My vision is for a country that the world competes with, chases, admires and begs to live in.

I aim for the best for our people, and nothing less - NO COMPROMISE!

In achieving our best, I need you and I cannot do it without you, join me and let us get this country into shape. Together, let us build a Nigeria that works for all. I have the plan, come along, we have work to do.


  • Industrial Revolution!
  • Cultural Identity!
  • Independence and Self Reliance!
  • Leading the world!

A Nigeria that works is possible, if we have leadership that is reliable, visionary and honorable, that leadership also needs followers, who will over it the base of support and bring the power and resources to challenge the status quo.

Today I offer myself ready and able to lead, I know need you to come along, so that we can build a Nigeria that works! Together!

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