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A simple man with uncommon vision

King Ifeanyi Oruruo was born to a family inlove with Nigeria but who Nigeria and Nigerians have greatly disappointed. His mother is an educator and entreprenuer, and his father is also an educator, lawyer and entreprenuer. He was born May. 3rd. 1987 in Oakland, California USA and has spent parts of his life in America and Nigeria. He now wants to ensure that no Nigerian needs to step off these shores again for a better life. The better life should be here also.

His journey in life has been wonderful and challenging but the most important lessons has been about the Nigerian condition, and its very unnecesary difficulties.


King Ifeanyi Oruruo

King Oruruo was educated at different times in both Nigeria and the United States of America.

In 2009 after a brief stint studying Law and Psycology he dropped out to focus on business and his visionary endevours. Since then he has been self educated. His exit from the traditional school system proved a net positive as he now had the freedom to liberalize and direct his education. He began to read for 2 hours a day, a habit he maintains to this day and is now educated in a mirad of fields including;

Architecture, Economics, Political Science, Theology, Business Administration and a host of other areas.

He is a repository of knowledge that can speak at length on almost any topic, and intellectually defend his positions with truth.


In business he has had many successes. He prides himself in having started business at the age of 7 with a Chicken Farm in the backyard of their home in Enugu. Beyond this he started his 1st official business, IGBO MADE ENTERPRISES in Oakland, California USA at the age of 16. The business imported Nigerian movies, music, clothing and art to the United States for sale to Nigerians and Americans. In a few years he became one of the largest distributors of Nigerian movies in California, shipping movies across the state.

His next venture was auto dealing, his KING CITY ENTERPRISES ran a successful used car dealership in Oakland, California until he decided to shift into Marketing during the global financial crisis of 2007-8.

His Marketing and Advertising company SAMPP, Inc was a very successful medium scale corporation with inter-corporating partners across the United States including Signazon, CBS Outdoor, Google, 4over, P.S Print and WS Display among others.

In 2011 and in the height of business success he had a vision to come back home and make sure that the next generation of Nigerians meet a better world.

In Nigeria he has many business interests and has held notable positions, as the CEO of Logbaby, Managing Director of Wesley Specialist Hospital and is the Founder/Chairman/CEO of LIVEN Capital a vehicle for the social and economic development of Nigeria.

Today he is on a mission to change what it means to live in Nigeria, with active efforts in all aspects of Nigerian life and with the help of an ever growing movement much change is coming to our beloved nation.


He enjoys playing Lawn and Table Tennis, Basketball, Soccer and Billards. He is an avid reader and loves the company of talkative persons but not as much as listeners. He loves to teach, to preach and to reach out to people in their time of need. He also loves music and sings.

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