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There are 3 versions of the manifesto, here is The Public Manifesto, which is a summary of our ideas, you can Download it Now and it will allow you to understand our directions from a general perspective. A Private Manifesto exists also which is a deeper, more comprehensive view of all we wish to do in detail. It is kept confidential and need to know because GOOD has enemies. There are also segment manifestos for all individual 12 areas of development, these are shared with the people responsible for managing success in these areas.


No Compromise Manifesto


Life Changes in a day

This movement empowers you NOW to change your social and economic condition. We start changing our lives today.

Banquet for Change

Enugu, Nigeria

June. 30. 2018

KOBB Civic Center

Polo Park Mall

G.R.A Enugu

ADMISSION from ₦5,000

Port Harcourt

July. 28. 2018


98 Stadium Road

Port Harcourt, Rivers State

ADMISSION from ₦7,000

Oakland, CA, USA

September. 1. 2018

Oakland Convention Center

550 10th Street

Oakland, California, USA

ADMISSION from $50

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