March 26, 2020

My OFFICAL response to COVID-19!

This is my official response to the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19).

It is the sum of my programs and agenda to participate in the fight against this ememy.


  • Feeding program!
  • Food Security Initiative!
  • Entertainment!
  • Education!


We wish to provide a steady supply of base level meals, at least once a day to the bottom 200,000 citizens in Enugu. With additional support, the program can shift outward to other states. The meal distribution is articulated to en-sure no crowds, single collections per per-son and the security of personnel.


Without disrupting the food supply chain we need to interphase directly with mar-keters and farmers to accumulate ade-quate supplies from the stock piles of ex-cess, surplus or unwanted items and craft temporary storage for these items to en-sure 30 days supply of food without a di-rect impact on food price or availability.


Whereby our people are no longer allowed their normal escapes, we must present so-lutions that allow them to escape at home so that depression, high blood pressure and sucide do not become the problem all in the name of containment of COVID-19.
Our people need an outlet and we will provide this with street entertainment.


We will provide a trusted channel for in-formation relay using direct contact, social media, radio, television and news print to ensure that our people are aware of the real medical advise, social situations and instructions from governments and medi-cal professionals.

If you wish to support us with these measures there are 3 things you can do;


  • Donate Food or Serving Items!
  • Donate Cash! DONATE NOW
  • Volunteer to Serve!
  • Volunteer a Vehicle or Support tool!

A Nigeria that works is possible, if we have leadership that is reliable, visionary and honorable, that leadership also needs followers, who will over it the base of support and bring the power and resources to challenge the status quo.

Today I offer myself ready and able to lead, I know need you to come along, so that we can build a Nigeria that works! Together!

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