Leading From Below

We do not need Aso Villa to build a rock solid nation

Our people have gotten overly dependent on Government. Yes it is true that some of the foundations of the problems of Nigeria are in the lack of true leadership but if we are honest it is also in the lack of adequate participation by the people.

We need to come together and have a collective vision for Nigeria that allows anyone who works hard to live a resonable life, and we do not need the Presidency to do that.

My people, we have suffered long enough and for a lifetime I have been investigating ways to alleviate the suffering and I have found the solution. That solution is communal development. In all that we do in business and life we must start to think as US and not ME.

I humbly present myself into your service as a Leader with a commitment rooted in love and also an innate understanding of what needs to be done, with the incorruptible character that will allow for a life of NO COMPROMISE and the extreme trust in God that will sustain a journey that seems impossible.

I do not wish to run for political office because I do not believe that we need a seat of governance to effect the progress we need. We can construct a parallel bridge to convey ourselves to a better Nigeria - The Best Nigeria, without the compromises that politics demands.

We have designed the programs that will allow the rapid social and economic development of Nigeria irrespective of who is in power. The strategies and platform we are engaging ensure a peopl-powered and rapid resurgence of Nigeria in all essential areas of life, most especially in the areas of, Food, Shelter, Power, Health Care, Education, Transportation, Culture, Roads, Water and the other basic commodities that ensure a meaningful life.

The Average Nigerian lives a life that would not be tolerated for a Dog in America, we live a life that is worse than the conditions of our ancestors, we live in cities that are filled with septic waste. The life of the average Nigeria, should be our concern. Yes, people like me live in very comfortable conditions, but we cannot say that we are passing the class of life when our neigbours, the majority of our people are in a SHIT HOLE.

In achieving our best, I need you and I cannot do it without you, join me and let us get this country into shape.

Together, let us build a Nigeria that works for all. I have the plan, come along, we have work to do.


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